How to see your Counselor

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  As a student, how can I schedule a meeting with my counselor?

To schedule a STUDENT only meeting with your counselor, you may come to the counseling office outside of class time to pick up an appointment card.  The form is self-explanatory.  

  • Stop by the Counseling Office before school, at break or lunch, or after school to make an appointment.  Again, do not come during class time!

  • Let the Counseling Secretary know what your need is.

  • The Counseling Secretary will give you an appointment card to complete to put on your counselors door. (White Slip)

  • Before you leave class for your appointment make sure you get your teacher’s permission and have them initial your pass and record the time.

  • Check in with the Counseling Secretary before seeing your counselor.  

2.  How can my parent make a parent appointment with my counselor?

If you would like to schedule an appointment with your students’ counselor for information regarding your students’ schedule, college or any other issues that you would like to communicate with the counselor, please call the Counseling Secretary at x 1214. The Counseling Secretary will be happy to accommodate your request for your appointment if the availability of the counselors schedule is open. 

3.  What do I do if my counselor is unavailable when I need to talk to him/her?

If your counselor is unavailable, you make an appointment using the appointment card and explain what you want to discuss. (See above)

If it is an emergency please let the Counseling Secretary or another office staff member know.  There are other counselors available who may be able to help you immediately.  The Counseling Secretary will help you find someone to whom you can talk.

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