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When a student is absent from school, the parent or legal guardian is required to notify the Attendance Office on the day of the absence.  The Attendance Office is open between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm and also maintains a direct 24-hour message line at 714-990-7865.  ALL ABSENCES MUST BE CLEARED WITHIN 48 HOURS OR THEY WILL BE CONSIDERED A TRUANCY.


On the day of the absence the parent/legal guardian should call the Attendance Office to report the reason for absence. A twenty-four hour message line is available.

State the date of absence, who is calling, spell the student’s first and last name, state if the absence is for a full or partial day and give the specific reason for the absence. If the student will be arriving late to school, state the approximate time of arrival and the reason. Per Ed. Code 48260 a student who is more than 30 minutes late will be assigned a period or periods (depending on arrival time) absence.

All absences must be cleared (verified) within 48 hours of the absence. Any uncleared absence will be considered a truant and will be subject to consequences as such. It is the responsibility of the student and their parent/legal guardian to clear (verify) the absence within 48 hours.


Parents/legal guardians who feel that an error has been made in the recording of their student’s attendance should instruct their student to contact the appropriate teacher immediately to discuss the situation. Parents are also encouraged to contact the teacher to discuss the situation. IF CORRECTIONS ARE NOT MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS, ANY OUTSTANDING ABSENCES WILL BE CONSIDERED A TRUANCY. Due to state attendance accounting regulations, corrections cannot be made after four (4) weeks.


Attendance accounting for maximum number of absences for students in grades 9 through 12 shall be based upon the semester and is not meant to penalize students for absences, but to emphasize the importance of school attendance.

The maximum number of allowable unexcused absences, in any one semester, is ten days. Attendance is recorded on a period by period basis; therefore, each class is considered on an individual basis. ANY STUDENT WHO IS ABSENT MORE THAN TEN (10) UNEXCUSED TIMES FROM A CLASS WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE CLASS AND CANNOT EARN A GRADE OR CREDIT IN THAT COURSE. An alternative for such students may be enrollment in adult and/or summer school or continuation education.

A student who has an injury or a serious illness which requires an absence of ten days or more will be dropped from the regular attendance rolls and be placed on home or hospital teaching. Such a student shall not have those days counted in the cumulative total of absences. Where there is a problem, the home and school must work together to improve attendance. Thus, the following notification schedule will keep parents informed about their student’s attendance and the consequences of excessive absence:


The Attendance Office personnel will notify the Assistant Principal of Attendance when a student has reached 10 excused absences. The Assistant Principal of Attendance should meet with the student to discuss reasons for absences and make parent contact when necessary. A “School Attendance Review” meeting may be scheduled. Excessive absenteeism may lead to the student’s suspension from participation in athletics, co-curricular programs and school activities for the remainder of the semester.


The Attendance Office will generate absence notification letters for students who have accumulated three, five and eight unexcused absences in a given period. These will be mailed home to the parents/legal guardians. During absences one through eight, Saturday Schools will be assigned. After eight unexcused absences the Assistant Principal of Attendance will meet with the student. Possible outcomes of this meeting may include but are not limited to: alternative educational placement as well as suspension from participation in athletics, co-curricular programs and/or student activities. A parent meeting will be scheduled and the student/parents will sign an “Attendance Contract” indicating they are aware of consequences of further unexcused absences. Students will be dropped (with a “WF”) after the tenth unexcused absence in a class.

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