Disciplinary consequences are considered as a school debt.  For seniors, participation in graduation ceremonies and/or activities may be denied if assigned detentions have not been served.  Yearbook distribution for any student may also be placed on hold and/or students may be suspended from participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities until all disciplinary debts are served.  



All discipline violations may result in suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion if the circumstances and degree of severity warrant such action. 

A pupil may be suspended or expelled for acts that are enumerated in this section and related to school activity or attendance that occur at any time, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

(1) While on school grounds.

(2) While going to or coming from school.

(3) During the lunch period whether on or off the campus.

(4) During, or while going to or coming from, a school sponsored activity.

KEY for the linked tables:

C.R. = Crime Report         

*C.R. = Crime Report and Law Enforcement Must Be Notified

Table 1: Mandatory 5-Day Suspension & Mandatory Recommendation for Expulsion
Table 2: Mandatory 5-Day Suspension & Possible Recommendation for Expulsion
Table 3: Other Offenses with Grounds for Suspension
Table 4: Other Disciplinary Violations (including tardies)

  Detention can be assigned by any staff member or substitute teacher.  After-school detentions are assigned in one hour increments and are served in the detention hall in room 208.  Detention hall hours are from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm Monday through Thursday.  Students have (3) three school days, from the date the detention was assigned, to serve the detention.  There will be no rescheduling of detentions for any reason other than illness.  Detention cannot be served at lunch, during a scheduled class period (including sports), or on Friday.  Students must sign-in on the appropriate Detention Sign-In Log.  Students who arrive late will not be admitted.  Students who are disruptive or are not actively engaged with academic work will be dismissed.  Any student dismissed from detention for any reason or refuse to attend will be considered defiant or insubordinate and will be referred to their counselor for disciplinary consequences. 

CONFISCATED ITEMS:  Any and all confiscated items will be released to the student/parent/guardian depending on the circumstances.  Unclaimed items will be disposed of at the end of the school year.

CLASSROOM DETENTION:  Classroom detentions are generally assigned by a teacher and can range in duration of time assigned.  Detentions are served in a specific classroom designated by the assigning teacher.  Students are under the supervision of the assigning teacher.  Students who refuse to show up for detention will be considered defiant and insubordinate and will be referred to their counselor for disciplinary consequences.

SATURDAY SCHOOL:  Saturday School consists of a four (4) hour study hall detention to be served on a designated Saturday morning beginning at 7:55 am.  Students must bring enough school work to keep them occupied for the entire four (4) hours.  Students are under the direct supervision of a certificated employee during Saturday School.  A student may only reschedule a Saturday School one time.  Any request to reschedule a Saturday School must be made before the assigned Saturday School date, and must be made to the administrator or counselor who originally assigned the Saturday School.  Saturday school is held in the cafeteria unless otherwise posted.  Students must arrive at 7:55 am to check-in. Students who arrive late or without school work will not be allowed to enter and will be listed as a “no show.”  Saturday School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. and students will be given a short break approximately halfway through the detention.  Students will be allowed to use the restrooms and drinking fountains at this time.  No students will be allowed in the parking lots, off-campus or behind buildings.  A second roll call will be taken at the conclusion of the break.  The final roll call will be taken before the end of the detention period.  Leaving without permission will result in a referral for insubordination.  Students who violate the following rules will be dismissed from Saturday School without credit and referred to the appropriate counselor or administrator for disciplinary consequences:

1.     Disrespectful or disruptive behavior is NOT ALLOWED.

2.     Reading magazines, newspapers, writing notes/letters, drawing, or playing games is NOT ALLOWED.

3.     Sleeping is NOT ALLOWED.

4.     Eating or Drinking is NOT ALLOWED.

5.     Radios, Cassette players, CD Players, Cell Phones, IPOD’s or electronic devices of ANY KIND are NOT ALLOWED.

6.     All school rules apply.

7.     Students and parents/guardians will be financially responsible for any damage caused by student.

IN-HOUSE SUSPENSION:  In-House Suspension is a disciplinary consequence assigned in lieu of off-campus suspension.  In-House Suspension consists of the student being assigned to the In-House Suspension room (room 208) for an entire day instead of attending their regularly scheduled classrooms.  Students and parents are notified in advance of the students’ assignment to In-House Suspension.  Students are responsible for collecting their assignments to work on during their In-House Suspension.  On their assigned In-House Suspension day, in lieu of going to class, students are instructed to report to the Student Services Office no later than 7:55 am for check-in.  No student will be checked-in after 8:00 am.   Failure to check-in on time or violating the following In-House Suspension rules will result in suspension to the home for 1-5 days:

1.     Disrespectful or disruptive behavior is NOT ALLOWED.

2.     Students must work on school assignments at all times.

3.     Reading magazines, newspapers, writing notes or letters, drawing, or playing games is NOT ALLOWED.

4.     Sleeping is NOT ALLOWED.

5.     Talking is NOT ALLOWED.

6.     Eating or drinking is NOT ALLOWED.

7.     Cell phones, CD players, DVD players or any electronic device of any kind is NOT ALLOWED.

8.     All school rules apply.

SUSPENSION TO THE HOME:  Suspension to home is assigned when all other means of disciplinary remediation have proven unsuccessful and/or when a student violates any sub-section of Education Code §48900.

EXPULSION:  Expulsions are often the result of egregious or habitual disciplinary violations.  When a student is recommended for expulsion, he or she is given a hearing within 30 school days after the date of the violation unless there is a request to postpone.  Written notice of the expulsion hearing will be sent to the student within 10 calendar days prior to the hearing.  The school will present oral and documentary evidence to the hearing panel.  Students will also be given the opportunity to present.  After the hearing, the decision to expel must be made within 3 school days pursuant to California Education Code §48918(e).  The hearing panel has several choices to recommend to the School Board, the governing body which will make the final determination:

  1. The panel can recommend expulsion.  This means that the student cannot attend an equivalent school in the District if the governing board accepts this recommendation.
  1. The panel can recommend a suspended expulsion.  This means that they would suspend the enforcement of the expulsion for a period of not more than a calendar year.   During the period of suspension enforcement, the student is on probationary status.  The governing board may revoke the suspension of the expulsion if your child violates any student conduct behavior.  If your child does well on probationary period, the governing board can expunge his records of the expulsion hearing. 
  1. The panel can recommend against expelling the student.  If this is the recommendation, the process stops at this point and nothing goes before the governing board.

If a student is expelled, he or she has the right to file an appeal to the county board of education within 30 calendar days following the decision of the governing board to expel.


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