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Madame Louis

My co-teacher, Mme Louis currently teaches French 1 and French 2. Please e-mail her at to direct any questions to her. 

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Quoi de Neuf????

(What's New?)


-Please contact Mme Fox at if you are interested in applying for the Europe Trip set to take place in July of 2016. We will be going to France, Switzerland and Germany. French students get priority status when applying. 

-French Club meets Thurs. at lunch in Rm. 225. It's not too late to join!

-Registration is just around the corner. Go the full 9 yards and register for levels 3 and AP. You are our EMPIRE:)

CHAT CLAPS: Thank you so very much to all the students who volunteered to sing French songs at the convalescent home again! We brightened up so people's evenings!

FYI: We will be working on a fundraiser event for French Club benefiting the victims of the Ebola virus in West Africa in mid-March, so please come to French Club for more information.


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Contact Info:

France and Italy (Fritaly) Student Trip 2013

France and Italy (Fritaly) Student Trip 2013

French is projected to be the #1 spoken language world-wide by 2050!

Please read article in link below.

France, Switzerland, the Alps and Germany Student Trip Set for July 2016!!!!

Still accepting applications!


E-mail for more information right away!

La Famille Fox

La Famille Fox


Did you know???

1. French is the official language (or one of the official languages) of more countries than any other language in the world. It is definitely NOT limited to one country!!!!


2. French has been shown to improve scores on the verbal section of the SAT and ACT exams.


3. French is spoken in over 40 countries, spanning continents such as Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and even South America!


4. About 40% of English words are directly derived from French.


5. French is the 2nd most studied language in the world after English.


6. Industries such as the culinary arts, fashion, pharmaceutical businesses, exports/imports, diplomatic agencies (the UN, Olympics ,etc...), and banking all rely heavily on French.


7. If you enjoy a language, you are much more likely to learn  it fluently. Four years of a foreign language will not render someone fluent, but research shows that 6+ years of academic instruction can lead to fluency. My goal is to get students to love the language and continue it in their university studies. I would love for them to study abroad and put their language skills to work! Otherwise, it's easy to take a language in high school and forget it all in a matter of a few years.


8. French class is very fun and offers many opportunities. We toured France and Spain in 2007 and again in 2012, we toured Italy, Monaco and France in 2013, and we are planning a Switzerland, Germany and France trip in July of 2016 with priority status for French students and their families. We enjoy Culture Food days on a routine basis, we watch French films and listen to French and Francophone music, and we build lasting friendships. If you're interested, give it a shot!!! You have nothing to lose!!!

Myths about French

1. French is hard.

Not true! Any language comes with difficulties, but if you were to compare Spanish and French, for example, both have varying degrees of difficulty. French has only 8 verb forms (used regularly) while Spanish has 14. French sounds may be difficult at first, but the patterns are soon learned, and students quickly become familiar with them. After all, almost half of English is based upon French! Plus, at BOHS, teachers work hard to build a family feel in classes



2. French isn't practical.

Again, while it is not commonly used on the streets in our neck of the woods, it is a global language that is heavily used in high-end diplomatic arenas and many common industries (see above list). On the East Coast, French is quite popular and to the North, it is a must with Canada as our leading trading partner.



3.  No one can help me with my French homework.

With great aides such as the "Take Home Tutor" CD, teacher office hours available almost daily and AP French peer tutoring, there are multiple ways of getting help and feeling confident in the language. Plus, we move at a very comfortable pace! We all start at the same level (very few native speakers), so as long as you attempt your work and pay attention, you should do wonderfully!

Incoming Freshmen! Register for French! Space is Limited:)


Bonjour! I will try to post it under assignments most days, but if not, it will be available in my classroom. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at  or call your "classroom buddy" if you lose or forget the assignment for the evening. Merci!

Madame Fox

Madame Fox

About Mme Fox

Salut (Hi)!  Les étudiants m'appellent Madame Fox (students call me Madame Fox).

I began teaching at BOHS in 2006, and I truly enjoy my colleagues and students. Prior to that, I spent some time learning the ropes by teaching 4th graders at Castle Rock Elementary in Diamond Bar and Kindergartners at Fanning Elementary in Brea. I also taught Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts) for 8 years to students ranging from 4 years old to 70.   I am in love with the French language and all the cultures spanning the globe that share this beautiful language.

I am an UCLA alumnus and have earned the following degrees and credentials:


-BA in Linguistics

-BA in French Literature

-MS in Educational Administration


-Multiple Subjects K-12 Teaching Credential

-Single Subject Teaching Credential in French Language and Literature

-Single Subject Teaching Credential in Health Sciences

-Single Subject Teaching Credential in English

-Tier 1 Preliminary Administrative Credential


This is my 5th year as the World Languages Department Chairperson, a position I enjoy and value.

My department members rock!!!


For the past 2 years, I have served as the WASC Self Study Coordinator which is a fairly tedious process to earn state accreditation at the secondary level and includes a very long, data filled report, many meetings and panic attacks.                                                        

My husband and I have a 7- year old son and two 7-year old daughters who all share the same birthday! Yep, that's right-- triplets (triple the fun!). We have also had been busy caring for our 1 old identical twin girls.   In my spare time, (when I used to have any), I enjoy spinning (indoor cycling), jogging, yoga, socializing,  reading health magazines/journals, traveling, playing and reading to my basketball team at home, spending time with my very witty husband and organizing outings with French Club. I have put together several Europe trips and am planning a 2016 student trip to France, Switzerland and Germany.

I have taught all levels of French, and I think of French as a valuable community unto itself at BOHS. We are very lucky to have a strong French program on campus, and in my opinion, it's the high caliber of students who add to its success.  Please do not hesitate to e-mail me, because my goal is to enable all my students to love learning this global language while reaching new academic heights.



Current Assignments

Fr. 1 (Semester 2) Final Exam Extra Credit Assignment

French 1 Extra Credit for 2nd Semester:

(Up to 15 points extra credit on the final exam)
1) Go to and make sure your printer is working (you have enough ink)
2) Click on World Languages, California and our book "Discovering French Nouveau: Bleu"
3) Click on "Online quizzes"
4) Complete all the individual "Leçon Quizzes" in Units 5 and 6
5) Complete both unit review quizzes for Units 5 and 6
6) You must print out the first page only for each quiz once you pass it with 20 pts. Do NOT copy and paste the the first page onto another sheet. You must print out the online version as there is a time stamp on it. (Note: The quizzes do not automatically save, so if you do not print the first page out with the summary of the perfect score after each quiz taken, you will lose the quiz and have to redo it)
Merci! Partial credit will be given if you complete at least half of the lesson quizzes with a perfect score. This is a great review for the final exam!
Due: The day of your French 1 final before you take the exam.

French 1 HW

p. 97 workbook Due 2/11/15

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