Marching Band/Wind Ensemble

The Marching Band, Color Guard, and Percussion classes make up what we call the Wildcat Entertainment Corps. We are a marching band that performs at school and community events and at marching band competitions during the year. Students learn a fun and challenging marching field show and perform in competition against other schools in the area as well as participating in local parades. The Wildcat Entertainment Corps performs at home and away football games, home basketball games, during school pep-rallies, and at other community events. It's one of the most active groups on campus!
In the Spring/2nd Semester, Percussion and Winds continue to perform as the Wind Ensemble in Festival competitions and in school concerts. 
BOHS Marching Band Google Classroom link:
Class Code: yagyw3v
We contact students and parents via email through Charms Office Assistant. See document below for sign up information.

----Latest News----



10/22/21 Home Football Game Itinerary - BJH Band - Senior Night

4:30pm - Call Time for ALL students - BOHS in the Band Room;  BJH meets in the BOHS Choir Room - unpack instruments, leave cases

     - BJH students drop off at top Wildcat turnabout, enter the big metal gates and the immediate door on the left will lead you to the Choir Room where Mrs. Bartell will be checking student in

     - BJH Students dress code: BJH Band T Shirt, blue jeans(?) confirm with Mrs. Bartell

     - BOHS Students dress code: Full Field Show Uniform (Arrive in BOHS Band T Shirt, Athletic shorts, Black Marching Shoes & Socks) (Color Guard & Pit arrive in full Field Show costume)

4:45pm - Transport Equipment & Move to Stadium (rolling pit equipment, electronics, field markers, ladders, etc.) down to JV Baseball Field ; BJH follows in line 

     - if needed, Pit might have to stay behind to load pit carts before coming down

5:00pm-6:30pm - Rehearsal Start on the JV Baseball Field (BJH students meet at the 50 yard line) 

     - We will establish a "Buddy" system where BJH students will be paired up with BOHS students, and have unity/get to know each other games

     - We will walk through the "Pre-Game" sequence of events, including performing Wildcat Victory & Star Spangled Banner ; including walking up into the stands - also practice Pep Tunes (Go Big Green)

     - (5:45pm - ATV train transports pit carts & equipment to North end of stadium)

6:30pm - Rehearsal End - Travel to North end of stadium 

6:37pm - BOHS Warm Up 

6:45pm - Move to PreGame Starting Positions

6:48pm - Perform Pre-Game (Wildcat Victory, Star Spangled Banner) - (BJH will be on front sideline for Pre-Game led by student leaders)

     - after Pre-Game, BJH find your buddy & move into the stands

7:00pm - Football Game Start

     - Band will perform Wildcat Victory (our fight song - we play whenever the team scores) and the "Go Big Greens 1, 4, 7, (8*)" in the stands (relatively easy for BJH student to learn & play - most of the GBG have like 4 notes) 

- *Green 8 is actually Green 1 starting slowly with a gradual accelerando throughout. All the Go Big Greens can be found here (must have bousd account to access all music):

- **Note to Mrs. Bartell: some of the Wildcat Victory parts have lots of endings... we always play the 1st ending and stop on beat 1 (no pickup beat 2) - no repeats. Wildcat Victory Parts are all here: Here's an exemplary model to listen to:

- If there are any go-getters in the BJH, here's a list of all the stand tunes/music we play:

2nd Quarter (~7:20-7:30pm)  

     - BJH students dismissed to get Food at the Snack Shack - BJH has entire 2nd quarter off to eat (~12 football minutes - real time can vary depending on game flow) - BJH students must return to seats by Halftime to watch Field Show

7 Football Minutes Before Halftime (~7:50-8:00pm) - BOHS students start heading to the North end of Stadium to Warm Up - starting positions for Field Show

Halftime (~8:15-8:30pm) - BOHS Band performs Halftime Field Show (Queen) - BJH watches from the stands 

     - BJH students may be dismissed & led to Choir room by Mrs. Bartell immediately after BOHS Halftime performance

After Halftime (~8:35pm) - BJH returns to Choir room & packs up & dismissed - BOHS students dismissed for 3rd Quarter to shack shack for food

     - (ATV train & Pit moves equipment back to Band Room, pit returns after)

BJH Students Dismissal (~8:45-9:00pm) - at top Wildcat turnabout

Game End (~10:00-10:15pm) - BOHS Band transports ALL equipment back to Band Room 

     - Announcements & Dismissal in the Food Court

     - BOHS Student pack up, change out of uniform & are dismissed when completed. 

BOHS Students Dismissal (~10:15pm) 


10/23/21 Centennial HS CSBC Competition Itinerary:

Centennial Show Info - website link

     (9:00am - Artistryfoto arrives to set up)

10:15am - Call Time for ALL students

 - everyone dress into FULL Uniform (Field Show Costume)

Pictures from 10:30am-12:30pm


- - 12:30pm to (1pm loding crew) 2:15pm - Lunch Break - -

 - everyone changes out of uniform first (esp. loading crew)

 - Percussion/Loading crew lunch is 12:30pm-1:00pm (bring a sack lunch!)

- Color Guard rehearsal from 1:00pm-2:15pm - then costume/makeup prep


1:00pm-2:30pm - Trailer Loading (Percussion/Loading crew)

 - load trailer at loading dock

 - load props into trailer/truck


2:30pm - All students Dress Out - Load busses

 - 1/2 uniform for winds/battery (carry tunic and shako on the bus)

 - Guard & Pit in full Field Show Costume

2:45pm- load busses (tunic & shako off)

 - carry garment bag & hat box on the bus

3:00pm - Depart BOHS

 *Note to parents* expect a LOT of traffic driving to Corona!

~4:45pm - Arrive at Centennial HS

 - unload - walk off bus in full uniform

 - plumes on shakos

(~5:30pm) - move to warm up zone

5:50pm-6:50pm - Warm Up

6:50pm - Pit move to gate

7:00pm - Band move to gate

7:05pm - Pit Gate time

7:11pm - Band Gate time

7:15pm - Performance

7:25pm - move back to busses/trailer

 - pack & load

 - dress out of uniform

~8:00pm - return to stadium - watch shows & eat at concessions

    (last show is at 8:15pm)

9:00pm - Awards

9:30pm - return to busses

9:45pm - Depart Centennial HS

10:30pm - Arrive at BOHS

 - Unload - pack up instruments

~10:45pm - estimate student dismissal




Hello everyone!
Below is the itinerary for next week's (10/16/21) CSBC Competition at Capistrano Valley HS. Eat a large meal before arriving at school. Everyone should bring a small bag with a change of clothes for after the competition (Band T-shirts are required at all times), money (cash) for dinner at concessions, a large water bottle for the bus, and your Band (or other) Jacket.
10/16/21 Capistrano Valley HS CSBC Competition Itinerary 
*Winds/Battery arrive dressed in Band T-shirt, Athletic Shorts, Black Socks & Marching Shoes
*Color Guard/Pit arrive dressed in full Field Show Costume
12:00pm - Call time for Percussion (& anyone loading the Band Trailer)
     - Load Trailer in loading dock
     - Load Props into Trailer/Truck
1:00pm - Call time for Winds/CG 
     - Dress into 1/2 uniform: Black socks & shoes, green pants (carry Garment Bag w/tunic & Hat Box w/shako)
     - Load busses (~1:15pm)
1:30pm - Depart BOHS
2:30pm - Arrive at Capo Valley HS 
     - Unload - walk off bus in full uniform
     - Shakos on
     - Move to warm up Zone (~2:45pm)
2:50pm-3:30pm - Warm Up
3:34pm - Pit move to Gate
3:45pm - Band move to Gate
3:49pm - Pit Gate Entry
3:55pm - Band Gate Entry
4:10pm - Move back to Busses/Trailer 
4:15pm - Pack & Load 
     - dress out of uniform
5:00pm - Return to stadium to watch other groups' shows & eat at concessions
7:00pm - Awards
7:30pm - return to Busses
7:45pm - Depart Capo Valley HS
8:30pm - Arrive at BOHS
     - Unload - pack up instruments in Band Room
~9:00pm - Estimate Student Dismissal


Hello everyone, 

It will be another early morning so go to bed early Friday night! Students, eat a BIG breakfast because this parade is 2x as long as last week! (around 2.5 miles fo walking!) Call time is 6:45am. I'll try to keep everyone updated via the Remind App just like last week. (to sign up text the number 81010 the message @bohsband21 ) BTW I prefer black facemasks from everyone for performances if you have them (winds should already have issued black mouthpiece masks - required). 

Parade Map:

Placentia Parade Map - road closures

Saturday 10/9 Placentia Heritage Festival Parade Competition

6:45am - Call Time - in Band Room already wearing Band T-shirt & athletic shorts, dress into LONG BLACK SOCKS, marching shoes, uniform pants (carry shako & tunic on bus in hat box & garment bag)

7:00am - load busses & truck with instruments

7:15am - Busses Depart BOHS

7:45am - Arrive at unloading zone - Full uniform when stepping off the busses - Unload busses: instruments & plumes - Check in 

8:00am - move to staging area (I think somewhere around Palm & Valencia)- wait - warm up

9:50am - Competitive Performance - on Palm Ave in between Kraemer & Rose Dr.

~10:00am - move to join Parade Performance (North on Kraemer Blvd. - ends @ Tri City Park)

~11:30am - finish with parade

     - pack & load busses

~11:45am - Depart 

~12:00pm - arrive at BOHS - dress out of uniform, pack up

     - Student Dismissal 

1:00pm - Awards Ceremony @ Tri-City Park - everyone is encouraged to attend & root for Brea!

     - I'd like to ask for at least 1 student/parent volunteer to attend and collect our awards/score sheets & sheet music scores


It'll be another fun morning! Hope to see you all there!



Hello everyone! 

I have discovered 2 errors in my Football Schedule. The first is that we have a Home Football Game on Friday 9/17 (I originally labelled it an away game). This will be a mandatory performance so please let me know ASAP if you have schedule conflicts (FYI - it's also the Homecoming game). The second is that we have a Thursday Away football game on 10/7 @7pm (I originally had Friday 10/8 on my schedule).


The schedule below is straight from Mr. Perrance's desk, updated as of last night.


Updated Football Schedule: (Changes in BOLD font)

Friday 1 8/27/2021 Sonora @ Brea/Cancelled 7:00 PM
Friday 2 9/3/2021 Valencia @  Bradford 7:00 PM
Friday 3 9/10/2021 Sunny Hills @ Brea 7:00 PM
Friday 4 9/17/2021 Fullerton (HC) @ Brea 7:00 PM
Friday 5 9/24/2021 Pacifica @ Brea 7:00 PM
Friday 6 10/1/2021 Villa Park @ Brea 7:00 PM
Thursday 7 10/7/2021 El Modena @ Fred Kelly 7:00 PM
Friday 8 10/15/2021 *Canyon @ Fred Kelly 7:00 PM
Friday 9 10/22/2021 *Esperanza @ Brea 7:00 PM
Friday 10 10/29/2021 *El Dorado @ Bradford 7:00 PM


I have adjusted my google calendar to reflect the changes as well.

Thank you for your flexibility!
James Charrette


Hello BOHS Band & Parents!

Today, Monday 8/30 is our first Orchestra Club meeting from 3pm-4pm afterschool in PAC1 (aka the Band Room)! Please help spread the word to our string players! 

Tomorrow, Tuesday 8/31 is a minimum day! Students are done with classes around 12:35pm. We will still have our Full Band Rehearsal

We'll have a 3pm Rehearsal Start Time on the field in the stadium and end rehearsal at 5:15pm in order to move and play for Back to School Night at 5:30pm at the flagpole in the quad (Stand tunes). Students will be done performing at 6pm and will be free to pack up their instruments and be released after. Dress code for tomorrow's BTSN performance (and the rehearsal - there will not be time to change) is Band T-shirt, and black (athletic) shorts. Don't forget your white hat for the rehearsal!

Thursday 9/2 - Color Guard rehearsal 3pm-7pm

Friday 9/3 - Percussion Rehearsal 2:45pm-5pm (also most winds have sectionals afterschool 3-4pm- check with your section leader)

Friday 9/3 is our first Away Football Game at Valencia HS (Bradford Stadium). Dress code for that is Band T-shirt and blue jeans. Brea jacket & apparel is encouraged, but any jacket is allowed (bring layers!). Call time is 5:45pm in the band room. We'll load and leave on the busses at 6pm, arrive at Valencia HS around 6:15pm, unload and move to the stadium for the 7pm game start. The game will end around 10pm-ish (depends on game flow) and we hope to be back at school around 10:30-11pm for Release. I'll announce on the Remind app when we are leaving Valencia HS and have an estimate for pickup. To sign up for Remind, text the number: 81010 the message: @bohsband21

BTW - As an update from last year's awards banquet - I hope to have our Varsity Letter patches by the end of the week. 

Let me know if there are any questions! :)

James Charrette

Hello everyone!
Please join us at the BOHS Stadium for our end of Band Camp Parent Showcase this Friday 8/13 at 7pm. We will perform what we learned over camp. Sadly, due to covid we will NOT have a potluck dinner at this event (which is the norm most years) so please, no food allowed. Only direct family members of Wildcat Entertainment Corps are invited (Winds, percussion, color guard). When feasible, please limit attendance to 2 spectators per student so we have room for everyone. The idea is that this is for parents to see their students' hard work. 
All attendees must RSVP through the Ludus link below. Attendance is free! Seating will be in the stadium bleachers: distanced and first-come-first-served. Facemasks are required for indoors (i.e. bathrooms), but optional outdoors. I will talk through important information during the show (during transitions) and we will have a short information meeting after the performance led by the Band Boosters.
Band Camp Parent Showcase RSVP:

Hope to see you there!

James Charrette
Director of Instrumental Music at Brea Olinda High School



Wildcat Entertainment Corps 2021 Fall Semester

Important Dates

(all dates/times are subject to change)

Mandatory Events are listed in bold font


Band Camp ‘21 - All of Band Camp will be held at Brea Olinda High School. All members of Marching Band, Percussion, and Color Guard are expected to attend all dates. Inform Mr. Charrette of any schedule conflicts ASAP, or if you have any questions:

Band Camp 0-week

July 28 - Leadership Day - Band Leadership only - 9am-5pm

July 29 - New Members Day - Band Leadership & Freshman & Sophomores only - 9am-5pm

July 30 - Review Day - Band Leadership & all members(optional) - 9am-5pm

July 28, 29, 30 - Percussion Auditions & Workshops (all Percussion only) - 9am-5pm

July 27, 29 - Color Guard Camp (all Color Guard only) - 9am-5pm

Band Camp 

Week 1 - August 2,3,4,5,6 - 2pm-9pm (5-6pm dinner break)

*Color Guard will attend 8am-4pm during week 1

Week 2 - August 9,10,11,12,13 - 2pm-9pm

August 13th @ 5pm - Parent Showcase Concert (tentative date/time)

Weekly Tuesday Full Band Rehearsals start on August 17th and go from 3pm-7pm.

Full list of dates: 8/17, 8/24, 8/31, 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16 (if necessary)

Friday, August 27 - Home Football Game v. Sonora HS

Friday, September 3 - Away Football Game v. Valencia HS

Friday, September 10 - Home Football Game v. Sunny Hills HS

Friday, September 17 - Home Football Game v. Fullerton HS

Friday, September 24 - Home Football Game v. Pacifica HS

Friday, October 1 - Home Football Game v. Villa Park HS

Saturday, October 2 - Tustin Tiller Days Parade

Friday, October 8 - Away Football Game v. El Modena HS

Saturday, October 9 - CSBC Competition @ Mayfair HS (Ron Yary Stadium)

(Saturday, October 9 - Placentia Heritage Festival Parade)

Friday, October 15 - Away Football Game v. Canyon HS/Anaheim

Friday, October 22 - Home Football Game v. Esperanza HS

Saturday, October 23 - CSBC Competition @ Centennial HS (Circle City Classic)

Friday, October 29 - Away Football Game v. El Dorado HS

**Possible CIF Playoff Football Games pending qualification 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26 (the day after Thanksgiving!)**

Saturday, November 6 - CSBC Competition @ Ghar HS

Saturday, November 13 - CSBC Competition Division Semi-Finals (location TBD)

Saturday, November 20 - CSBC Finals (pending qualification - location TBD) *first Saturday of Thanksgiving Break!*

Evening of the Arts (TBD)

Assembly of the Arts (TBD)