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--latest news--


Hello everyone!
I'm very sorry for the late email.
Today's call time for Marching Band's performance at Back to School Night is 5:15pm in the band room. We will perform for parents entering the gym from 5:30pm-6pm. Students will be released at 6pm. Dress code is band t-shirt & jeans.
Tomorrow's call time for the Away Football Game is 5:45pm. We should return and be dismissed around 10:15pm but I will use the Remind app to let everyone know exact times.
Next week's Home Football Game (Friday, 9/13) call time is 5:30pm (except for Pit is 5pm). Dismissal should be around 10:15pm depending on game. I will use the Remind app to let everyone know exact times.
To sign up for the Remind app text "bohsband19" to the number 81010 or download the app.
Thank you!




Hello Everyone!
Next Thursday (9/5/19) is the BOHS Back to School Night! Marching Band will perform as parents and students are entering the gym for the Parent Meeting.
Call time will be 5:10pm in the Band Room. We will grab our Pep Band gear and walk to the gym entrance and play from 5:30pm to 6:00pm when the event starts. Students will be released after they put their instruments away (about 6:10pm).
Also, the Elementary music program is hosting their "Instrument Petting Zoo" at Brea Junior High next Wednesday and Thursday (9/4 and 9/5) from 5pm-8pm. This event is where 4th grade students are introduced to the many different wind instruments they can learn. Mr. Hallum is asking for high school students to assist him at this event (bring your instrument!). I will sign off volunteer hours (and give WILD Cards) to anyone who helps out. Regarding the conflict on Thursday, I will approve one student per instrument to miss the Back to School performance in order to get Mr. Hallum the help he needs. All students are welcome to travel to BJH to volunteer after our Back to School performance is over.
Please contact me if you have any questions!
Thank you!
Hello Everyone! Friendly reminders:
Due by this Wednesday!:

Please return all See's Candy sales orders to Mr. Charrette by THIS WEDNESDAY!!!
Also due Wednesday: see the attached Menu for the snack shack. Money and orders must be turned into Mr. Charrette by this Wednesday to guarantee yourself a meal at the Football game on Friday. Additional menus will be available on the music stand by the Band Room door.
Due by this Friday!:
Please turn in parent signed "Activities Off Campus Permission Forms" and "Band Contract" to Mr. Charrette by this Friday!
Band Donations are preferred to be turned in by this Friday as well (but will be accepted at any time).
All students MUST have ALL uniform items by this Friday's football game. Contact Mr. Charrette if there are ANY difficulties!
I'm super excited for our performance on Friday! Let's get hyped for the start of a fantastic year!
Thank you!
James Charrette
Director of Instrumental Music
Brea Olinda High School

Hello everyone!

     We made it through the first week of school! Yay! Here’s some information in preparation for our first Home Football Game next week!

  • See’s Candy Sales
    • Please sell that candy! (workplaces are great targets) Those order forms are due very soon! 

  • Percussion Sectionals on Thursdays are going to be slightly altered from now on:
    • Rehearsals will start at 3pm
    • Students will be dismissed at 5:45pm

  • Paperwork - I am asking for the following paperwork by next Friday 8/30
  • Activities Emergency Card/Off Campus Trip Permission Form - these have been handed out to the students in class and more are available on the music stand by the Band Room door (or in the activities office). Students are not allowed to travel off campus without this form!
      • Under “nature of trip”/”Destination” write “All Marching Band and Wind Ensemble events” (add Color Guard / Winter Drumline if applicable)
      • Mark “District Bus” for transportation
      • If you would like to be available for carpooling (not mandatory), you must fill out the bottom section and get your automobile insurance verified with the activities office. 
    • Band Contract
      • As was passed out at the info meeting - I have a majority of them but please get the rest in!

  • Materials 
    • Equipment Check - Next Tuesday I will have section leaders do an equipment check at the after school rehearsal. All students are required to have:
      • All music in a binder with clear plastic inserts, their coordinate sheet(s) in their Dotbook, instrument materials, pencil
    • Uniform - Reminder that all students must have their black marching shoes, white gloves, long black socks, athletic shorts, and Band T Shirt before next Friday, August 30th. Please contact Mr. Charrette ASAP if you have any difficulty acquiring any of these materials. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THEIR UNIFORM MATERIALS MAY NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. All students were fitted for their uniform this week. Make-up uniform fittings will happen after schools starting Monday and need to be made by appointment with Mrs. De Porto. Color guard needs to consult with Rachel Yoo for their uniform requirements.

  • Band Donations
    • We will accept donations large and small at any time (every contribution is greatly appreciated!), but we prefer donations to come in sooner rather than later. If possible, please turn in your band donations to Mr. Charrette or directly to Leann Schouten by next Friday, August 30th. Thank you!

  • Food Orders
    • Halftime food orders for band students will be made available next week. Orders and payment are due to Mr. Charrette by Wednesday 8/28! This is super important as it helps us a lot to know how much food to get so we don’t have too much or too little.

8/30 Home Football Game v. Sonora HS Schedule:

    • 5pm - Pit Call Time (start moving equipment down immediately)
    • 5:30pm - Call Time
    • 5:30pm-5:45pm - Change into Uniform & get instruments
    • 5:45pm-6pm - Winds warm up / rehearsal by the flag pole
    • ~6:00pm - Drumline leads team to Stadium (returns immediately after)
    • 6:15pm - Full Band marches to Stadium (back road)
    • ~6:50pm - Band takes field & performs National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner)
    • 7:00pm - Game Start
  • ~8:00pm-8:30pm - Halftime Field Show
    • 3rd Quarter - Band has off - rejoin for 4th quarter
  • ~9:30pm-10:00pm - approx. game end 
    • ~10:00pm - March back to band room (go around Food Court) - change out of uniform & pack up
  • ~10:15pm Dismissal
    • I will notify parents through the Remind app of the actual game end and approximate time of dismissal. (to sign up, text @bohsband19 to the number 81010)
    • FYI -  The “Hello Dance” will take place from 9-11pm in the Food Court area so plan on staying clear of there as much as possible.

I’m super excited for the start of our season! Let’s start getting hyped!!

Thank you!


Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the late email. This week is Pre-Band Camp! I invited new members to join the Marching Band Google Classroom through their BOUSD school gmail accounts. I uploaded copies of all this year’s show music, march, stand tunes, etc. onto that site so if anyone needs music for any reason they can find it in the google classroom. This will be the main way I post music and materials for students to access this year and in the future. Below is a link: (reminder: you must be logged into your BOUSD account in order to access)



Here’s what’s happening this week:


Instrument Return Day

Wednesday, July 31st (tomorrow), 8am-3pm

If you borrowed an instrument over the summer please return it to the BOHS band room anytime from 8am-3pm.


Leadership Day

Thursday, August 1st, 9am-5pm (12-1pm lunch)

Leadership attendance is required.


New Members Day

Friday, August 2nd, 9am-5pm (12-1pm lunch)

All leadership and new members attendance is required. Be prepared to be outside all day (hat, large water bottle, athletic shoes and clothes). Bring your instrument.


Workshop Day

Saturday, August 3rd, 9am-5pm (12-1pm lunch)

Leadership attendance is required. All other members optional (but strongly recommended). Leadership will run workshops on drill and music depending on student’s needs/wishes.


Percussion Camp

August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9am-5pm (12-1pm lunch)

All percussionists attendance is MANDATORY! We will be running final auditions and assigning parts on August 1st and learning music and technique the 2nd and 3rd. If you plan on being in percussion and can’t make these dates let me know ASAP!


2019 BOHS Marching Band Camp Information:

Information will be updated at bit.ly/bohsband

Summer Workshops:

Summer workshops are NOT mandatory - but are HIGHLY recommended (especially for new members!). All workshops will take place at the BOHS Band Room (PAC1).

Marching Workshops:

Monday, June 17th, 5pm-7pm

Monday, July 1st, 5pm-7pm

Monday, July 22nd, 5pm-7pm

Color Guard Workshops:

Monday, July 22nd, 8am-11am

Wednesday, July 24th, 8am-11am

Friday, July 26th, 8am-11am

Percussion Workshops:

Tuesday, June 18th, 5pm-7:30pm

Tuesday, July 2nd, 5pm-7:30pm

Tuesday, July 16th, 5pm-7:30pm

Pre-Band Camp (all @ BOHS Band Room - PAC1)

Pre-Band camp takes place August 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and is required for select members (see below). Note that these dates are Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. ALL members of Marching Band will attend Band Camp starting Monday, August 5th.

Percussion Camp - August 1st, 2nd, 3rd from 9am-5pm (lunch 12-1pm)

All three days are required for all percussionists in marching band. Note that these dates are Thursday, Friday, & Saturday.

Leadership Day - Thursday, August 1st from 9am-5pm (lunch 12-1pm) (required for all Band Leadership)

All leadership will also be present to help with “New Members Pre-Camp” on August 2nd, and will help run the “Individual Workshop Day” on August 3rd

New Members Day - Friday, August 2nd from 9am-5pm (lunch 12-1pm) (required for ALL NEW MEMBERS of Marching Band)

Leadership will lead new members through a formal introduction to marching & performing techniques.

Individual Workshop Day - August 3rd from 9am-5pm (lunch 12-1pm) (optional for all members, but highly recommended)

Band staff and leadership will run both Visual/Marching workshops and Music workshops assisting all band members to polish their skills in preparation for the start of full Band Camp

--Band Camp--

All members of marching band are required to attend ALL of band camp. Band camp will take place at Brea Junior High.

Week 1: August 5th-9th, 8am-4pm @ BJH (12-1pm lunch break)

Visual/marching rehearsal 8am-12 noon, music rehearsal 1pm-4pm, M-T-W-Th-F.

Week 2: August 12-16th, 8am-4pm @BJH (12-1pm lunch break)

Visual/marching rehearsal 8am-12 noon, music rehearsal 1pm-4pm, M-T-W-Th-F.

Potluck Performance: Thursday, August 15th, 5pm @ BJH

Marching Band performs what they learned over band camp and after we all join in a potluck dinner!

Mandatory Parent Meeting: Thursday, August 15th, 7pm @ BJH

ALL students and parents are required to attend. Important information regarding Marching Band and Band Boosters will be given out.

Brea Fest Performance: Friday, August 16th, 5:30pm-6:00pm at the Brea Civic Center

The BOHS Marching band has been asked to perform at Brea Fest! Local restaurants donate food to this annual community event that celebrates Brea's Art Programs. We will perform at the opening and then students be released to enjoy the event!

Student Health:

Student health & safety always comes first! Students experiencing any pain or discomfort should immediately remove themselves from rehearsal and inform Mr. Charrette.

Please let Mr. Charrette know of ANY allergies, health conditions, or other pertinent health information ASAP. This includes any food allergies, pollen or contact allergies, asthma, chronic joint/muscle issues, visual or auditory impairments. Every effort will be made to accommodate students with health conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in Marching Band.

Marching band is a very physical activity and students are responsible for taking care of their own bodies to ensure their minds and bodies can function at maximum capacity. DO: get a lot of sleep & rest, drink lots of water, eat 3 healthy meals a day (especially before rehearsal!), stretch & warm up, wear sunscreen, wear ear plugs. DO NOT: stay up late, drink sugary carbonated drinks or coffee, skip meals, eat junk food/fast food, engage in strenuous physical activity.

Some of our musical instruments are extremely loud and can reach volumes of up to (or over) 100 decibels! Prolonged exposure to this level of sound will cause permanent hearing damage. Two pairs of foam earplugs WILL be available to all students, however some students might want to invest in some higher-quality ear plugs for a better listening experience. All percussionists are required to wear ear plugs during all rehearsals and performances. Other students performing in close proximity to the drum line are highly recommended to wear ear plugs as well. All students are recommended to wear earplugs in the stands during football games.

Recommended Materials:

Students are NEVER required to purchase any materials in order to participate in Marching Band. Below is a list of recommended materials that will help ensure a successful and pleasurable Marching Band experience. If any students have any difficulty acquiring materials or have questions please contact Mr. Charrette. jcharrette@bousd.us


For all of Band Camp, ALL students should plan on being OUTSIDE ALL DAY and should therefore dress appropriately. It will likely be VERY HOT, and the best clothing will keep the sun off of your skin and allow for air flow. Students are EXTREMELY ENCOURAGED wear loose-fitting, light colored clothing and a light-colored, wide brimmed hat (or baseball cap).

It is also advisable to bring a light jacket just in case it gets cold (we rehearse until 8pm and it might get cool in the evening).

ALL students should plan on wearing athletic shoes AND socks (Drill Master shoes are NOT required for camp). Any ankle-high tennis shoes/sneakers/running shoes that are comfortable will be fine. Make sure your shoes are comfortable as you will be marching for hours every day. Open-toed shoes or sandals are NOT allowed.


It is EXTREMELY ENCOURAGED that ALL students bring a large 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon water container with them. Wearable water containers (such as CamelBak) are also encouraged. Students will be outside in the sun and heat for almost two weeks and in those conditions it’s recommended that you drink at least 1 gallon of water a day. Please be responsible and stay hydrated!

Sun Protection:

The sun is the enemy! ALL students are highly encouraged to bring and continually apply a lot of sunscreen and to wear a light-colored, large brimmed hat (or baseball cap). Please apply sunscreen outside, BEFORE rehearsal starts. Please be sensitive about who is around when applying “spray” sunscreens - nobody wants to breath that in!

Instruments and Music Materials:

Again, students are NEVER required to purchase any materials in order to participate in Marching Band. Below is a list of recommended materials that will help ensure a successful and pleasurable Marching Band experience. If any students have any difficulty acquiring materials or have questions please contact Mr. Charrette. jcharrette@bousd.us

Students should bring to every rehearsal:


-A pencil (NOT pen)

-A three-ring binder -preferably with clear-plastic inserts (so music papers don’t get wet) that has ALL music AND warm-ups (1 printed copy will be provided & digital versions will be made available)

Other suggested materials:

-chromatic tuner


-extra valve oil (brass)

-extra cork grease, extra reeds & case (woodwinds)

-extra drumsticks/mallets (percussion)

Suggested Equipment:

Any quality “intermediate model” instruments with a concert-stye mouthpiece and reeds are entirely acceptable. However, as students move into the more discriminating realm of high school music where more focus can be spent on tone quality and techniques become more advanced, it may be appropriate to invest in more intermediate or professional-grade equipment.

Upgrading a mouthpiece is much more affordable than purchasing a new instrument and can be an effective way to achieve a more professional sound with an intermediate level instrument. I recommend the following gear:

Brass Mouthpieces:

Trumpet: Bach 5C or Bach 3C

Mellophone: Blessing 6V

Trombone: Bach 6.5 AL or Bach 5G

Baritone: Schilke 51D

Tuba: Conn Helleberg

**Please be aware of “small-shank” versus “large-shank” when purchasing mouthpieces and make sure you purchase the correct size for your instrument. The "Bach 6.5 AL" and "Schilke 51D" comes in both sizes.

Woodwinds Mouthpieces:

Clarinet: D'Addario Reserve X5 or Vandoren M30

Bass Clarinet: Vandoren B45

Alto Sax: Selmer Paris S80 C* or Vandoren AL3

Tenor Sax: Vandoren TL4

Bari Sax: Yamaha 5C or Vandoren BL3

**Woodwind players should have at least 3 high quality reeds available at all times. I recommend a Vandoren 3 strength reed (or equivalent). Ligatures have less impact, but consider a quality Rovner, Yamaha, or Vandoren ligature if you feel the need to upgrade.

Percussion Equipment:

For marching season, students will be provided with one pair of sticks/mallets. It is highly recommended that students purchase extra (especially Snare drum). Percussionists are strongly recommended to bring their own metronome and a drum key/torque wrench.

For the concert season, I recommend that percussionists invest in a small stick bag (VicFirth Standard Drum Stick Bag) and fill it with at least one pair of drumsticks (VicFirth 5A or 5B or equivalent), one pair of yarn mallets (Balter Pro Vibe Series Rattan 23R Medium Blue Cord), and one pair of timpani mallets (VicFirth T1 General).

Marching Band Performances - Fall 2019:

Friday 8/30 Home Football Game v. Sonora HS, 7pm-10pm

Friday 9/6 Away Football Game v. Valencia HS, 7pm-10pm

Friday 9/13 Home Football Game v. Sunny Hills HS, 7pm-10pm

Friday 9/20 Away Football Game v. Fullerton HS, 7pm-10pm

Friday 9/27 Home Football Game v. Ayala HS, 7pm-10pm

Friday 10/4 Away Football Game v. Canyon HS, 7pm-10pm (@ BOHS)

Saturday, 10/5 Tustin Tillers Day Parade

Friday 10/11 Away Football Game v. Yorba Linda HS, 7pm-10pm

Saturday, 10/12 South Coast Invitational CSBC Competition (@ Costa Mesa HS)

Friday 10/18 Home Football Game v. Esperanza HS, 7pm-10pm

Saturday, 10/19 Norwalk Halloween Parade

Friday 10/25 Away Football Game v. El Dorado HS, 7pm-10pm

Saturday, 10/26 Circle City Classic CSBC Competition (@ Centennial HS)

Friday 11/1 Home Football Game v. Foothill HS, 7pm-10pm

*Potential CIF Football Games 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29*

Saturday, 11/9 Mayfair HS CSBC Competition

Saturday, 11/16 CSBC Semi-Finals Competition (likely @ Irvine HS)

Saturday, 11/23 CSBC Finals Competition pending qualification (likely @ Huntington Beach HS)

Wednesday, 12/11 Evening of the Arts, 7pm (12/10 dress rehearsal)

Thursday, 12/12 Assembly of the Arts (during school)

For all CSBC competitions, please clear your ENTIRE DAY. We will usually perform in the afternoon and the stay to watch other groups perform and for awards at the end of the competition. Marching band also performs at school Pep-rallies and at other school events.

2019-2020 Wildcat Entertainment Corps Staff:
Band Director:
  • James Charrette
Color Guard:
  • Melody Sitt
  • Rachel Yoo
Drill Writer:
  • Jeff Slagle
  • Sebastian Delgado (battery)
  • Kristian DeLeon (front ensemble)
  • Emily Barclay
  • Samuel Chang
  • Jared Charrette (woodwinds)
  • Ryan Hallum (brass)