Hello, parents and students, my name is Mr. Gomez and welcome to our Brea Olinda photography/video production class. Let me first start off by telling a little about myself and my background in the industry. I have worked at The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks, Klasky Csupo and the Cartoon Network.
As a professional in my industry I've worked as a media artist, Art Coordinator, Muralist, Graphic Artist, Photographer, Layout Artist Animator, Magazine Layout Artist, 3D Modeler, Pitchman, digital sculptor, and Sculptor.
I have been in education for the last 23 years and I started my teaching career as a public arts educator working with at-risk youth in Boyle Heights Ca. I then transitioned into working with the city of Los Angeles as a public speaker and environmental educator.
In my early days of teaching I  worked both at the public and private college sector and have taught visual effects, animation, digital photography, conceptual design,  portfolio review, character design, graphic design, motion graphics, game design, coding, character modeling, sculpting, vfx, fine arts, digital arts and video production.
My style of teaching is aimed at bringing my industries into the classroom and give our students as much exposure as possible to help them gain a better understanding of both of these professions. Both the art of video production and photography are visual mediums that will require our students to use more than just a camera to capture a snapshot but it will require an observational eye to capture a story.
I look forward to working with the students at Brea Olinda and you the parents continue the amazing tradition of creative excellence in Brea Olinda's media department.