Due to COVID, there is no "On Campus"

tutoring taking place at this time.



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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

-Albert Einstein

Even geniuses make mistakes, so don't be afraid; Come in for peer tutoring and try something new today!


  • If you are unable to come to peer tutoring or would feel more comfortable in a different setting, private tutoring may better suit your needs. 
  • This list offers a wide variety of tutors to choose from so that you can find the tutor that is right for you! This list will continue to be updated throughout the year. 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE A LIST OF PAID TUTORS, PLEASE EMAIL mgraciarena@bousd.usn or contact us at 714.990.7850x1214
Thank you!


If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please come to the Counseling Office and fill out an application. 

If you need help, come in for peer tutoring!  School can be tough, but there are people at your school who are willing to help.