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My co-teacher, Mme Louis currently teaches French 1 at BOHS and BJHS. Please e-mail her at [email protected] to direct any questions to her. 


French is projected to be the #1 spoken language world-wide by 2050!

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  • French is a global lang. Labeled as an official language in more individual countries (over 40) than any other language and used in business, government, commerce, gastronomy, fashion and the arts.
  • Proven to boost students’ SAT scores on the verbal sections.
  • 2nd most studied language in the world after English and projected to be the language with the most number of speakers within the next 30 years.
  • Higher rate of matriculation to the AP level  than any other foreign language offered at BOHS.
  • Many students go on to continue their studies at the university level and beyond.
  • Culture Days, films, field trips, international trips, music and lifelong friendships are made and experienced through French class!





Please check out Google Classroom (see syllabus or e-mail Madame Fox for class codes) for updated assignments and reminders!


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This is my 10th year as the World Languages Department Chair here at BOHS! Please e-mail me if you have any department specific concerns, ideas or requests :) I welcome the feedback!
We are proud to announce the return of French 1 to Brea Junior High School this year!!! 
Thank you to all parents and community members who continue to support our French and World Language Programs! 
Please watch our FRENCH CLASS BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT VIDEO with Madame Fox:
Back To School Night Video Link (2020-2021 school year):