Ms. Matyuch's Classroom

Ms. Matyuch has been at teacher at Brea Olinda High School since 2008. She is a social studies teacher and the girls' athletic director. Her current assignment includes psychology, American government, and economics.
Ms. Matyuch graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. and M.A. in communications and received her social studies teaching credential from Cal Poly Pomona. She was a duel-sport athlete at Cal State Fullerton, competing in basketball and softball. She is a graduate of El Dorado High School.
Prior to teaching at BOHS, Ms. Matyuch was a collegiate softball coach, heading the Ohio University softball program and assisting at the University of Texas.
She's enjoys the outdoors and is an avid photographer.


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A nice reminder that we control our thoughts and how we can do a better job thinking more positive thoughts.