About Me

Aloha!  I am stoked to embark on each authentic school year as a teacher at BOHS. My overall mission is to genuinely build meaningful connections with my students, and teach/guide them to independently learn and realize the power that their personally chosen life experiences and literacy skills—reading, writing, speaking, active listening, vocabulary acquisition and use—can be of significant, vital use not just in school; but most importantly: in the real world outside the classroom.  Kia ora! (Life be well/healthy!)
 Academic Background
  • Master of Arts in Teaching @ UC Irvine
  • Single Subject English-Language Arts Teaching Credential @ UC Irvine
  • Bachelor of Arts @ UC San Diego
Leisure Activities
  • Surf
  • Swim
  • Travel
  • Read
  • Journal write
  • Cook
  • Family, friends, and dog
"Such as we are, you will be."