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Mr. Wilson's Teacher Page

Hi there, this is Mr. Wilson's Teacher page. 
Graduated CSUF '12 
Credential from CSUF '13
Teaching at Connections Academy '15
Cleared credential from SDSU '16
Teaching at BOHS '17
MA in Education from Concordia University '20
Current teacher at BOHS Social Studies Dept., Boys Soccer Program Director at BOHS, and AC Brea Soccer Coach. 
Current Schedule (Google Classroom Code, Students only):
1st- World History 
2nd- World History
3rd- World History  
4th- World History
5th- Prep
6st- Boys Soccer PE
If parents would like to have access to their student's Google Classroom, I advise they download the app, and have the students log in with their BOUSD account. This will allow the parent to see what their student is doing and access all the assignments. 
Please use the links below for any type of situation you have or email me at [email protected]
COVID note: These are difficult times ahead with the school moving online. If you have any concerns or issues please reach out to my email (listed above) to discuss any issues, problems, concerns you may have. During this time, while I treat everyone equally, each issue needs its own special response. Please feel free and confident to email me so we can overcome or deal with anything together.