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BOAT - Brea Olinda Adult Transition

Program Description

The Adult Transition Life Skills Program at BOHS is designed to meet the educational needs of students, aged 18-21, who have cognitive disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and Intellectual Disability, to name a few.  This branch of Life Skills was started 4 years ago, and has grown from 4 students in 2013 to the current 16 now on our roster.  The program consists of students who have graduated from high school with their Certificate of Achievement, and they may stay in the program until the school year in which they turn 22 years old.  Our main focus of our Adult Transition Program is on functional academics, independent living skills, and workability.  A key feature of our program is Community Based Instruction (CBI) component, in which our students go out into Brea and beyond to practice the concepts they have learned.


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