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Course Selection


Students and parents who need to establish an Aeries Parent Portal account should contact the main office by phone at 714-990-7850.

All 9th, 10th, and 11th graders must take six classes each semester per BOUSD policy. All 12th graders must take at least five classes. All classes must be taken in consecutive order.

Additional electives are permitted only when necessary for a student to participate in a special program such as:  ASB, a required Career Technical Education (CTE) elective, Cheer, Dance, Drama, BITA, GITA, Instrumental Music, Journalism: Newspaper, Pageantry & Percussion, Choirs or Journalism: Yearbook.

Parents and students should have a clear understanding of the nature and difficulty of Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses before the student enrolls. Every student has open access to Honors and AP courses but only with full knowledge and approval of parents/guardians. Previous coursework, grades, and teacher recommendations are valuable tools to determine a student’s potential success in AP or other honors-level courses. All students taking AP courses are expected to take their respective exams in May.**  

AP Balance Sheets and AP Syllabi are both excellent tools to learn more about the demands of Honors and AP classes and are available online HERE

CLICK HERE for Directions on Adjusting/Editing your Aeries Academic Plan (MUST BE DONE THROUGH STUDENT PORTAL):