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Emergency Preparedness


In the event of an emergency, BOHS is prepared to care for and assist students and staff.  All staff members are mandated disaster service workers during school time and have specified roles and responsibilities.  All students will be kept at school on the stadium field until they can be released to their parent or other authorized adult.  Students will be released only to persons listed on the emergency card.  


At the time of a major disaster, access to the campus will be restricted, and parents will be directed to the student release area which is located at the stadium access road located on Wildcat Way.  Parents or other authorized adults arriving to pick-up students should go to this area and wait patiently until their student is called and released by a BOHS staff member.  Again, students will not be released to anyone other than those whose names appear on the emergency card.  It is important to include anyone who is able to pick-up your child during an emergency.
If you need to make a change on the emergency card, please contact Sheila Del Cid, Senior Data Technician, at [email protected] or 714-990-7850 x1237. In the event of an emergency, administration at the school site will take the following steps:

  1. Direct immediate action to protect students and staff
  2. Call 911 if necessary
  3. Call the Superintendent’s Office
  4. Activate the plan
  5. When possible, send a letter, automated phone message or email message home explaining the incident and other necessary information, such as school being opened or closed, health instructions, etc.