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College and Career Planning


As students progress through their journey, they identify goals based on their interests and skills, learn what they can do now to achieve their goals, determine whether they will go to college (and how to pay for it) or go into the workforce as well as learn the skills needed to be successful regardless of the path chosen.

❖ Life Goals- learn the importance of setting short-term and long-term goals, gain exposure to a variety of occupations, evaluate their own skills and interests, and gain insight into the different pathways they can take to pursue their career.

❖ Preparing in High School -learners can prepare for their future by succeeding in high school. Learners earn the key to success of developing strong academic skills by practicing goal setting, study skills, organization, prioritization and time management. 

❖ Choosing a Path-long-term career goals connect to shorter-term decisions and goals related to post-secondary education. 

❖ Success in College-balancing daily life through the experience of higher education. Students will learn the skills to successfully navigate academic, social, financial and personal aspects in life to achieve well-being while pursuing long-term goals. 

❖ Starting your career-relationship building aspects of the job search such as determining if a job is the right fit and using personal networks to secure introductions and insight. 

❖ Career Success- skills needed to thrive in a career. Lifelong learning and adaptability are two themes that are woven throughout this lesson as students learn how to do well on the job and prepare to advance or respond to changes in their own employment status. is a free college and career platform for high school students to research, explore and navigate post-secondary options.
  • Discover your interests & values
  • Find careers, colleges, or training to reach your goals
  • Learn how to find money to pay for college Launch college and financial aid applications
  • Monitor all of your progress in one place.
As a CCGI Partner District, Brea Unified School District has access to additional data-informed functionality, including an advanced academic planner, CSU and UC eligibility tools, and enhanced application launch features, as well as expanded reporting capabilities to help educators increase college preparation for all students. 
BOHS plans to begin a grade level rollout of in the 2023-2024 school year.