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Mrs.Weiseth's Home Page!

Welcome to Biology and Honors Biology! This is my third year at Brea Olinda High School and I am very excited to be here! I have been teaching Biology for 19 years at various schools around the U.S. and the world. Probably my most memorable teaching experience was in Botswana where I taught international students and had a few exciting adventures with snakes, giraffes, and rhinos. Biology is a fascinating subject and I hope we have an awesome year learning together! All information is on google classroom, so please join as soon as possible. You need to check in to each class during your assigned class time so make sure you are all signed up.
Google Classroom Codes:
Period 2: um5jtxw
Period 3: dk5yxoo
Period 4: jkfjhgb
Period 5: w6c2rnn
Period 6: qigswd5