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Mr. Rotblum
Welcome to my class!  My name is Mr. Rotblum and I have been working at Brea Olinda High School since 2002.  I teach AP European History, Online World History, and coach Swimming (Boys and Girls).  I earned my Teaching Credential and Master's in Education from Whittier College in 2002. In 1999 I graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Religion.
2020 - 2021 Policies
Students turn in all assignments at They must be logged into their student account to access. 
Friendly reminder students should try to resolve their issues first, if the student and the teacher can not resolve the issue then the next step is to involve the parent. 
I will be taking attendance using this form.  Students need to fill out daily at the beginning of each class. If you do not fill out the form each day at the start of class you will be marked absent. Only students logged into their can fill out this form. Daily Attendance Form
Office Hours I can be available in the during 0 period each school day.  Please email me at to make an appointment so we can schedule a meeting via Zoom.
Here is my daily schedule
1st Period AP European History
2nd Period AP European History
3rd Period AP European History
4th Period AP European History
5th Period AP European History
6th Period Swimming (Boys and Girls)
AP European History Links. 
Each link takes you to our Public Google Folder.  
Unit 1 The Renaissance August/September
Unit 2 The Reformation September/October
Unit 3  Absolutism October/November
Unit 4 The Enlightenment November
Unit 5 The French Revolution December
Unit 6  Industrial Revolution and Nationalism January
Unit 7 Imperialism February
Unit 8 The World Wars March
Unit 9 The Cold War March/April
Unit 10 Review  April/May
  1. Classroom Rules for AP Euro a description of how students, parents, and the teacher will be expected to behave to maximize student learning.
  2. AP Review Book for AP Euro a resource to help students study for exams
  3. AP Exam Information a description of what students will experience when they take the exam.
  4. AP Rubrics for History the rubrics for Long Essay Questions (LEQ) and Document Based Questions (DBQ)
Swim Team 
Here is the web site for the Swim Team