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Mission and History of BOHS



The Brea Olinda High School community believes that education is the cornerstone of a better world.  Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education for every student which fosters high academic achievement, positive self-worth, and responsible citizenship in an environment of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation among students, staff, and parents.


Alma Mater

Traditions are passed down for safekeeping across generations. Nearly a century of graduates have shared a common school song, or alma mater. This song is sung at rallies, graduation, homecoming, and sporting events. We hope that our students preserve traditions like the alma mater as well as make new ones. Here are the lyrics:

Hail Alma Mater,

To thee our praises ring.

Mighty sons of the green and gold,

To thee we’re proud to sing.

So hail to Brea Olinda,

Lift that spirit high.

Keep the Wildcats fighting hard.

Do or die.

The History of Brea Olinda High School

A Long Way Back

Opened at its current campus in 1989, today’s Brea Olinda High has a history far longer than this.

The hills and canyons of North Orange ...more