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I chose education as a profession because I believe young people are the future, and while this statement sounds a bit cliche, it is also true. It is a pleasure to work at Brea Olinda High School and be surrounded by so many young adults full of energy, ideas, and talent. I also appreciate the support of so many concerned parents and guardians that are an integral part of the BOHS community.

I have been teaching high school English since 1997 and every year still feels new and exciting.I love my job! I hold a BA & MA from Whittier College. When I attended Whittier, I wrote for the school newspaper, ran on the cross country team, and worked in the Whittier College Writing Center as a tutor for fellow college students. In my free time, I enjoy reading, baking, gardening, shopping, and crafts.

I would describe my teaching style as modernized Socratic. I encourage my students to share ideas and thoughts with one another because collaboration is a valuable skill. To learn we will discuss various topics, read literature, analyze writing techniques and create our own original work that reflects deep critical thinking. My main goal is to teach your son or daughter to think analytically so that they will have a rewarding experience in college and the workplace. Students will leave my class better prepared to be successful in the modern world. My students will learn to research, read, scrutinize graphs and charts and apply their findings to original concepts and make their own creations.

I encourage students to find a life passion and develop goals beyond high school. Success starts now, and we will build a solid foundation working together as a community to get BOHS students ready to take on the world. I look forward to partnering with you to help your son or daughter do their best both today and tomorrow!

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