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BOHS courses are organized to emphasize their interconnections so students can apply their learning to real world applications. The primary goal of Career Pathways is to equip students with transferable skills necessary for post-secondary education and career employment. Students can earn college credit or advancement in some of our courses through ARTICULATION AGREEMENTS. Other goals include:

  • Enhancing the rigor of our current academic and elective program
  • Aligning our elective program to state Career Technical Education (CTE) content and skill standards
  • Connecting students to school through learning opportunities relevant to the real world
  • Bringing together teacher and student interests to foster strong relationships centered on learning
  • Exposing students to career possibilities and the wide range of choices
  • Developing a monitoring and assessment system based on CTE content and skill standards
  • Developing opportunities for business and community partnerships
  • Stimulating teacher collaboration among common CTE themes
  • Attracting students to our specialized programs
  • Answering the question: "Why do I need to know this?"

Graduating seniors who successfully complete sixty or more credits in one or more of the eight BOHS Career Pathways will receive a colored cord representing the individual pathway(s) to wear at graduation. 

  • Each career pathway is the home of a distinct set of “Core Courses” as shown on Career Pathways Student Worksheet. 
  • 60 total credits must be earned in a career pathway in order to receive a cord to wear at graduation. A minimum of 40 credits must be earned from the career pathway’s core courses. The remaining 20 credits may come from additional core courses or from “Supplemental Courses” as listed for each career pathway.
  • Any course shall be used only once toward a career pathway cord unless it was repeatable and taken more than once.
  • Career pathway cords shall be allocated based upon courses taken from 12th grade backwards.
  • Career pathway cords shall be based upon earned credit, not grades.
  • A student shall earn no more than three cords.
  • CTE Internship credit shall be applied only to the career pathway for which the internship was associated.
  • Courses taken at another school may be considered towards core courses if applicable; however, honors courses (other than any AP or IB course) shall not be counted unless there is an honors equivalent at BOHS.
  • Courses taken in the past but are no longer offered at BOHS or those that are new but not listed shall be considered towards core courses in a particular pathway if applicable.