Engineering & Robotics

Graphic Design

What problems do you want to solve? This is the question we pose to all interested in engineering. In this pathway students will learn about what engineering is and what engineers do. Students will work to discover solutions to real world engineering challenges,  learn how to put simple machines to work through project based learning, and collaborate on group projects and competitions.

Robotics allows students to let their imagination run wild using the VEX robotics platform of tools, equipment, and components. Students will work in teams to design and build robots to complete simple and complex tasks and competitions. Students interested in going further into the robotics world are encouraged to join the high school robotics team, Team 7157.


Engineering & Robotics Teacher

Mike Hashemi

[email protected]


Course Descriptions
Competitive Robotics
Advanced Robotics is based on the EDR VEX Robotics Curriculum.  It  is divided up into thirteen units. In a flexible format, students learn about engineering and engineering problem solving. They will be given introductions to the VEX Robotics Design System and 3D CAD SW while learning key STEM principles through a process that captures the excitement and engagement of robotics competition. The curriculum is heavily focused on mechatronic principles. Programming is NOT required. However this course is structured in such a way that students who want to include a more Computer Science heavy layer with the course can do so.
This course is modeled off other courses that are using the approved EDR VEX Robotics curriculum. It has been updated to use the new technology and products called VEX V5 and leveraging  content from the newly released VEX V5 STEM Labs and industry CAD tools like Onshape.
Engineering 1
Prepares students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that are the cornerstone for the high school technology program. Group and individual activities engage students in creating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions. Technology content, resources, and laboratory/classroom activities apply student applications of science, mathematics, and other school subjects in authentic situations.
Course meets us/csu G requirement
fCourse meets UC & CSU "F" admissions requirement
Course meets us/csu G requirementCourse meets UC & CSU "G" admissions requirement