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►►►ABSENCE PROCEDURES: When a student does not come to school, his or her parent or legal guardian is required to notify the Attendance Office within 48 hours of the absence. A convenient, A 24-hour message hotline is available at 714-990-7865 for parents or legal guardians to call. Please state the date of absence, who is calling, spell the student’s first and last name, state if the absence is for a full or partial day, and give the specific reason for the absence.  Any unverified absence after 48 hours will be considered truancy and will be subject to consequences as such. Parents can access information about their student’s attendance record on Aeries Parent Portal found online at
If the student will be arriving late to school, parents or legal guardians should state the approximate time of arrival and the reason. Per the CA Education Code §48260, a student who is more than 30 minutes late will be assigned a period or multi-period absence (depending on the arrival time).

►►►ATTENDANCE CORRECTIONS: Students should obtain the appropriate attendance printout from the Attendance Office and contact the appropriate teacher immediately to discuss the situation. If corrections are not made within 48 hours, any outstanding absences will be considered a truant.

►►►LATE ARRIVAL: Any student arriving late to school must check-in through the Main Office before reporting to class. Students will be given an Attendance Office Pass identifying the reason why they are arriving late. This pass does not excuse a tardy