Our Mission Statement

AVID’s mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing ALL students for college readiness and success in a global society.


Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is designed to prepare students for higher education through high level reading, writing, cooperative learning, organizational and inquiry skills (WICOR). There is also a focus on self awareness and having a growth mindset. In addition to WICOR, we will have knowledgeable guest speakers* and visit local colleges.


In addition to the below AVID components, this year in AVID 12, we will complete and submit the FASA (Sept/Oct), apply to AT LEAST ONE 4 year college/university (Oct-Dec), apply for multiple scholarships, continue our community service, learn and refine our academic skills in preparation for college level courses, select our courses for our 1st year of college and delve into our Financial education.


Major components of AVID

Writing: Focused Notes: Students will use focused note taking in the core classes. Students will follow the 5 step process to revisit and interact with their notes. They will also use their notes as a study tool. Students will be required to have 5 Focused Notes a week and will be checked every other week.


Inquiry: Tutorials: Once or twice a week (usually Thursdays & Fridays) students will be expected to submit a completed TRF (Tutorial Request Form) with a specific question from their other classes and work together in groups to solve them.  These collaborative study groups will be guided by AVID Tutors. Tutors will not give out answers, but help the students find the answers themselves.


Collaboration: Students will participate in a variety of collaborative activities such as Socratic Seminar, Philosophical Chairs, Team Building, Projects and Challenges.


Organization: AVID Binder, Google Drive, Agenda & Goal setting Students will be expected to keep an AVID Binder 2-3” three ring binder with 2 or more pens and pencils, 1 or more erasers, 1 zipper pouch, 1 or more highlighters, notebook paper, and subject dividers and Focused notes (for each academic class). They are required to organize their binder according to AVID’s best practices. Students will maintain a school Agenda in the binder as well. Agendas will be checked/graded every other week.

**Students should organize their Google drive with a folder for 2021-22, for each subject and correctly naming each doc/file with their name, subject/period, assignment.

Ex: alouis, A12/p.2, UC Personal Statement 1


Reading: AVID Weekly: Students will read articles that promote social and cultural awareness through critical thinking. Reading will lead to discussions, reflection and projects.

*Guest speakers are college students or college graduates who have an interesting career. If you know of someone local who would be a great guest speaker please have them email me!