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Français 1

  Félicitations et Bienvenue! You have made it to Français 1! This year, we will learn the basics of the French language. We have many interactive, collaborative activities to provide students with ample opportunities to work with French in all of its forms. We'll also study history and culture through movies and reading excerpts. All of this will prepare our amazing French students to move on to French 2 next year!
    I will share a weekly Agenda with students that contains all of our activities and assignments in our Google Classroom. In our Google Classroom, students, parents and guardians can find all of their assignments, weekly lessons and announcements. Parents/Guardians, please add yourselves to your student's Google Classroom to be able to see everything we are doing. *Note that while some of the grades appear in Google Classroom it is not the totality of their French 1 grade. For that, visit aeries. Students, parents and guardians should feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me on Remind with any questions you may have about anything.
     Lastly, I ask all of our French 1 students to join me on Remind. This allows me to message the students important information as well as check in with individuals. Parents and guardians are also welcome to join!
Communication is key!